Veins To Wires ~ Motha' Nature @Colonial Tavern~ Fredericksburg,VA

We are all Earthlings~*~ 
Every day is Earth Day! It is beyond time for us All to return to Nature~ 
As caregivers of the Earth~Inspiring Art & Beauty~ We can help others~ 
To drop the veil of denial; To take Climate Change very seriously; To Stop 
the abuse and poisoning of our Beautiful planet~& Ourselves~*~ 
This song is of, about, & for our Beloved~*~Motha' Nature~*~ 

"Well, we've all been told~It's not nice to fool mother Nature  
'Cause we know her health is our wealth~and now we all pay the price  
For~Oh the greed! Oh woe is me! ~The careless ways ! 
Remember~All living things have a right to be here~Yeah we do!  
Well, you're not gonna strip mine~No! You're not gonna poison our Souls~Oh no-oh! 

Oh Mother Nature~Help us spread our wings out wide~ Into the sky-ay-yayyy!!! 

Oh Mother Nature~Help us sink our roots down deep~Into your So~oul!!!

Come on...Return...Come on...   Return to Nature~*~Come on home~*~

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