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~*~Wasteland Queen, by Veins to Wires~*~

Out there is a Wasteland, where all that is Lovely cries.

For a return to the Sacred, where Nature, Art and Beauty reigns

and shines, and rains...


We are Veins to Wires ~*~ Our mantra is Music in our Veins and Wisdom in our Wires. The two of us are ~ revolutionary musicians, activists, parents, and healers ~ helping to heal the planet thru Music, inspiring Art, Connection, Awareness, and a return to Nature.

~*~Ecocide is Suicide~*~

We are all becoming aware that the poisoning of our air, water, and food is a crime against peace that is causing the sickness and death of humans and other living creatures. This illness of the world is having an impact on all of us ~ the situation is urgent ~ we are all experiencing stress and injury, illness both physical and mental. Now we strive to survive and to heal ~*~ in a system that funds endless wars, genocide and ecocide all over the world. Let us drop the veil of denial so that ~together~ we can naturally expand beyond our present limitations and create a new green world of peace.

~*~ Our Soul-lution~*~

We imagine that you, like us, are wondering what you can do to help. We know that each person gives what they can to support a good cause.  Veins to Wires has our Music~ (and Passion!!))) From the depth of our be~ings, we share our stories & souls, thus we call our Music:: Soul\Core~*~ We have many new songs written, and with your help and support ,we can release our new music into the World! To Love and support the health and healing of our Beautiful Earth~*~

~*~ Every Lovelution Needs a Soundtrack ~*~

Now you can help us to make this happen. In return, we will involve you in the process. You will get access to all of the music as we release it, plus outtakes, behind-the-scenes, and concert videos~that will put you right in our creative process~ keep you connected with important issues, and our visions thru Music, Art &Nature.

~*~ How You can support Us ~*~

We are going to record and produce music and make it available ~for free~ to be used by social activists, ecological and climate-change groups, non-profits, Artists ~ basically any person or organization who is working for the common good. We have already forged connections with several groups, including 350.org and Take Back The Night.

~*~ We're all in this together ~*~

To survive and to thrive we will support each other's rise!

Love and gratitude to each one of you that finds the courage to share your truth & stand up for our planet & all sentient Be-ings!

Share your story with us ~ Join us on our quest to play and sing our hearts out~ and keep on keepin' on!

'Cause in music we survive~in music we thrive~in music we come alive!

We hope that you will support us to support you , with our Music for Your Lovelution~*~

Peace out)))))) All Power to the People and Peaceful))))))

Veins To Wires ~*~ Maija & Aaron

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