!<<Crooked @La Esquina, Todos Santos, BCS

We feel sick &tired of being sick & tired!¡! 

Of feeling <rooked & toxic!  Of being poisoned by our food, air & water!

& We're not gonna pretend " everything is fine"!

We're not gonna keep…


Veins to Wires Serenades the Victims of Capitalism

!¡!Music for your Lovevolution!¡! 
We are sick & tired of being 
sick& tired! Of being victims of capitalism in a wasteland~ 
Of being bombarded with toxins, pollution, violence, & hatred~ 
causing stress, injury, illness,,,Struggling to survive & heal, in a…


Our New Website!

!Hi, welcome to Veins to Wires new Web presence!  This is not just a music site (though there's a lot of great music) ~ This is a site dedicated to the transformation of the human condition.  It's no accident that