Our Story so Far

!Introducing Veins to Wires!~~

 Our name is based on Maija's song about easing the transition to a time of balance with the natural world.   We are a couple of Revolutionary *Still Warriors~ possessed by Gypsy spirits!  We call our music:::Cyber/Organic-Soul/Core:::...the meshing of worlds, to make whole~ Our Soul~ution to return our planet to the hands of nature and beauty thru Music, Art & Being ourselves wholeheartedly. Thus our mantra came into being~*~Music in our veins & wisdom in our wires~*~

 The II of us (Maija Soucie and Aaron Green) first met on the dance floor- on The Goodfoot!- in Portland, Oregon.  
 With our roots in Funk,Rock and Reggae, and inspired by the World grooves of Electronic Dance Music, we decided not to start a traditional band ~ we would become an Electronica-hybrid group ~with Soul at its core, and Veins to its Wires....    
  V II W  released our 1st album VOID Oct/2013.  The electronica song~ Miss Moss Pockets was released Jan 2014.  Many songs (Bare-bone Sessions&electrified) are ever in ze works~So stay thee tuned~*~!
With....:::Music in our veins & Wisdom in our wires:::.....

Peace Out ~Maija & Aaron...

Maija's Story ~ Vocalist, Poet, and Prophet

 HIya! Maija Soucie (My-ya Sioux-si) here~ Well, I was born into a musical family and raised in the richness of Art and culture of the Wash.,D.C. area.  As soon as I could walk and talk, I was creating songs and dancing all over the place~! I had found my source of life, in Music! ! !

My father, Les Souci(e)-a musician-activist-free spirit, who's passion for humanity and justice led the way for many adventures~ The most sacred being our journeys to Jamaica, where we lived amongst the locals. At age 3("tree"), I learned Patwa and heart rhythms~ As my dad's song -'Broken glass' says:..."When lil' Maija started singin' it--Ratti's song, it gave birth...."        

My mum, Erika , a Latvian refugee with a great love for folk dance and song, inspired a passion for dance and world music. We traveled to Latvia in 1990, just before the the end of Soviet rule, for the Song Festival (Dziesmu Svetki).  There we sang ancient folk songs, with pagani (people of the earth) on the hilltops~and songs for freedom with 1'000's in tears, by candlelight~A celebration for life and peace on earth~where my roots grew deeper towards the source.... Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!~'ever there be music~you'll find me there!
" 'Cause dancin' & sangin' is all I ever really wanted to do-ooh !"

As a stormy teenager, I found my voice in theatre; where I play-ed in school, took classes at the Folger Shakespeare theatre, found my love for poetry, and other melodramatic, spontaneous activities~~Often, the first one on the dance floor, or singing solo through the streets,~ or with anyone I'd meet~

In the ealy 90's, I landed in Portland, Oregon.  Here my creativity, and love for musica truly exploded~ I became the lead lady for the band Elixir~where I learned to wail ! and rock my Soul ! (Thanks to Travers, frank, n' Sam))  A restless spirit, I had to travel on~all over the U.S.~Eventually, spending more time out in nature; learning herbalism, gardening, and survival .....Grounding myself,,I lived in the country, and raised my son(sun)~Eli ; now age 13, and my #1 fan! lil' man!

Rough roads and roaring 20's eventually took itz toll.  While I recovered from wild times and injuries, my father passed away due to cancer. Overcome by sadness,I fell apart. I then moved back to Portland, to rekindle Mai' fire...stirring within me the energy to find Mai'Art and voice once again!  A few months later, met Aaron Green, who played guitar right to my heart. He helped to find mi 'conto hondo'(deep song) once again, and get my soul back in the groove!  Because itz never too late to shine~!  Or crash into a 2nd tree!  Black ice sent Aaron and I into years of healing, and crawling, and writing, and playin' music from the depths of our beings~*~              

A few years, and one more accident later(?!); still healing through intense treatments~ we found the strength and courage to go into the studio to record our first album. At Backline Records, I learned to listen to my own lyrics(in life), and to sing my own harmonies (what I called--bringin' out Mai' inner muppet::).

Into the 'VOID'-and back again! & thrilled to release our first album into the wilderness~in hopes of living a !vital life! from here to everywhere!~expressing the wisdom of Mai' Soul through Music~*~And helping others to feel alive again!
So that we can all get together~and heal this place!  "We are healing through Music~~......"

!The Groooove is On!!   Would ya Love to come along?!! 

Aaron's Story ~ Guitarist and Composer

Hi, I'm Aaron Green, the shaman behind the sonics of Veins to Wires.  I'm a fiery cerebral Alabama boy, son of two college professors, a cajun funk-rocking bluesman who screams on the guitar, except when I whisper.  I'm fiercely independent and passionately supportive of people, plants, and planet.  I'm an agnostic buddhist and my music is a cyber/electric, organo/acoustic paradox that resolves somehow.  I'm also madly in love with Maija Soucie and her numinous, luminous voice and vision.  
May you enjoy the fruits of our creative collaboration!