Our next Bare-bone Sessions song release

~*~Wasteland Queen~*~Coming soon! Along with our greatly Groovified new website{<>>Stay thee tuned<<<:



July 13, 2015 ~! We're releasing a bare-bones version of good ol' Country Jaunt, a track that will also be on  the Veins Unwired Album.  Go to our Home page to give a listen~*~  We may be adding a percussionist soon:> ~ We'll release more versions as the music develops~~as we envelop!  

June 5, 2015 - Today Veins to Wires is firing up the studio to begin recording the Veins Unwired acoustic album.  We'll be laying down several new tracks plus acoustic versions of some of the songs on VOID.  Songs will be released from this webpage as they are finished~*~So stay thee tuned! 

Veins to Wires call themselves Cyber/Organic-Soul/Core- a musical wild child born of the liaison between vocalist/poet Maija Soucie & guitarist/composer Aaron Green.

V II W is a powerful fusion of the tight flawless grooves of Electronic Dance Music with the Soul of Funk and the swagger of Rock. Veins to Wires are unabashedly pro-people - Maija's voice soars like the wind over lyrics which speak of the struggle of being a whole human in this age of reduction. Aaron's guitar playing commandingly weaves through a futuristic orchestra composed of a bevy of drum machines & synths~~A meshing of worlds-To make whole--the disconnect; between Us and that~

Organic and machine~

Freedom Be the dream!

Keep on Dancin'.....